Artist Bio

About me

Hey I'm Kelsey Todd, I'm a 24 year old artist from Ayrshire Scotland.

I studied fine art and design at Ayrshire college for 5 years and graduated with a HND. For my last year at college, I picked under water as my chosen theme and I loved it so much that it is still my theme to this day. I picked this theme because swimming is my other passion in life, this way I can bring the 2 together.

For some of my reference images I have taken by filming myself in the water and then I screen shot frames from the video. I film it because it's easier to get the frame where the water ripples exactly the way that I like.

Since leaving college I have taken part in various exhibitions all over Ayrshire and I won the 'Young Artist of the Year' award twice 2 years running at the 'North Ayrshire Open Art Exhibition' in 2018 and 2019.

As well as taking part in exhibitions I also do art demos on request mainly in local art clubs around Ayrshire. I enjoy taking part in art demos because it is always nice to meet and chat with other artists.