Embrace of the Seas

About 'Embrace of the Seas'

In November 2023, I finished my artwork titled 'Embrace of the Seas'. The inspiration for this piece came from a selfie I took with my go pro while swimming in the ocean, holding the camera beneath me. My intention was to capture the mesmerizing play of light on that particular day. The crystal-clear water beautifully reflected the sunlight, creating a captivating spectacle. Additionally, I aimed to depict the graceful movement of my golden blonde hair as it swayed through the sea. Interestingly, the ocean felt unusually warm that day, especially at the surface. I decided to name the painting 'Embrace of the Seas' as it portrays the illusion of me embracing the vastness of the ocean.

Embrace of the Seas


35" x 48" inches (or 90x120cm)

Acrylic on Canvas

If you wish to purchase this painting, please feel free to get in touch with me. The most convenient methods of contact are through Facebook Messenger or text message. 

You can reach me at my phone number: 077 62488582