Bokeh Rosa

About Bokeh Rosa

I created this artwork for an art demonstration at the barony on May 30th, 2022. The painting was influenced by various images, including ones where I was diving into the sea with my flippers. When I came across a photo on Instagram featuring a girl wearing stylish flippers, I was inspired to incorporate the fish scales pattern into my painting. Additionally, the sunlight reflecting on the water motivated me to add pink bokeh effects. The combination of pink and blue colors holds a special harmony for me, and I aimed to convey the dreamlike sensation I experience while swimming in the sea 

Me beside my artworks during the exhibition held at Eglinton Park. 

Bokeh Rosa


48" x 35" inches (or 120 x 90cm)

Acrylic on Canvas

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, contact me. The best way to contact me is via facebook messenger or text message.

My phone number: 077 62488582