Underneath the Liquid Peaks

About 'Underneath the Liquid Peaks'

'Underneath the Liquid Peaks' depicted a scene inspired by a photograph taken by my mother during my summer swim at Troon beach in 2023. The photograph was captured using my go pro 11, cleverly positioned inside a dome lens. I opted for the dome lens to capture the intricate details of the waves above, as they resembled majestic mountain peaks. To convey the tumultuous journey of life, I painted this artwork using bold and contrasting stormy colors.

Underneath the Liquid Peaks


35"x48" inches (or 120 x 90cm)

Acrylic on Canvas

If you wish to purchase this painting, please feel free to get in touch with me. The most convenient methods of contact are through Facebook Messenger or text message. 

You can reach me at my phone number: 077 62488582