Under the Wave

About Under the Wave

In November 2021, I created the artwork titled 'Under the Wave'. The inspiration for this piece came from a photograph taken by talented photographer, @tonesofblue, whom I'm friends with and follow on Instagram.  He had persistently requested me to recreate one of his breathtaking photographs, and I was overjoyed to finally bring his vision to life. 

The reason behind my decision to paint this particular scene stems from my deep admiration for the mesmerizing beauty of waves when viewed from beneath the surface of the sea. There is something truly captivating about gazing upwards and witnessing the interplay of sunlight and water as it filters through the waves. My aim was to capture and convey that enchanting sensation through my artwork.

To add a striking contrast against the deep blue hues of the ocean, I chose to paint the bikini in a vibrant shade of red. This deliberate choice serves to make it stand out and draw attention within the composition.

Under the Wave


35" x 48" inches (or 90 x 120cm)

Acrylic on canvas

If you wish to purchase this painting, please feel free to get in touch with me. The most convenient methods of contact are through Facebook Messenger or text message. 

You can reach me at my phone number: 077 62488582.